Yukio Appreciation Week. August 4 - August 10

So Rin Appreciation week was a big success for its first time and i thank everyone who participated! Ao no Exorcist Appreciation week was a big hit that request for the next character is actually being requested!

I wasn’t planning on chosing Yukio as the next character, but people ask for him and so, you ask and you shall receive!

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The appreciation week schedule will be just like Rin, so its nothing new and confusing. I’ll restate it here for those who are just encountering Ao no Exorcist Week!

Day 1. August 4: Time. Any headcanon/canon idea you may have for yukio regarding his future, past, or present(i.e school life, etc.)

Day 2. August 5: Words. Favorite quote by Yukio, or about Yukio. Easy.

Day 3. August 6: Power. A special skill/ability/power you apprecciate the most from Yukio.

Day 4. August 7: Exwires. You can pick your favorite relationship Yukio has amongst the Exwires and show your appreciation for it!

Day 5. August 8: AU. Uh Oh, Alternative Universe! So What if Yukio never became a Exorcist? OR what if he was from a different time period? What if Yukio became a Salaryman? Here you get to appreciate and show how creative you are. (make me laugh, i was not disapointed with Rin Au’s)

Day 6. August 9: Love. Favorite Yukio ship. scream to the four winds who you ship Yukio with and show your appreciation //side eyes the toukio shippers with a knowing look//

Day 7. August 10: Free. Finally, a free slot in the week where you get to appreciate Yukio in any way you wish if i have not mentioned it here in the week. (i’d like getting my ideas here! lol)

Any questions? Inbox me

Rin appreciation Week - Day 7: Free ⇝ Rin baring his cute fangs

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Rin Appreciation Week

Day 06. Love

[ Rin: ‘Aren’t you afraid of me?’ // Izumo: ‘Of you? Not in the least!’]

I just really like them, Rizumo man

Rin appreciation Week - Day 6: Love ⇝ A sibling maybe the keeper of one's identity, the only person with the keys to one's unfettered, more fundamental self.

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Rin Appreciation Week

Day 5: AU

Drake & josh au


Rin Okumura Appreciation Week

Day 5: Au

You know what I love? Kazue’s pirate AU. Yeah I like Kazue’s pirate AU.


Rin Appreciation Week // Day 5: AU

au in which Rin Okumura ends up joining the volleyball team instead of the exorcist cram school


Rin Appreciation Week

Day 05. A.U

Alternative Universe where Rin is part of the Illuminati and is cold and heartless when it comes to executing his missions.


Rin appreciation Week - Day 5: AU ⇝ where Rin works in an adult maid café and loses his shit 24/7 bc he's such a cute little tsundere


Rin Okumura Appreciation Week

Day 4: Exwires

"This here’s my friend, Okumura-kun!”